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My Salvation eBook

This book based on salvation is great for new Christians. Salvation is important, learn why and find answers to the following important questions:    Why do we need to be saved? How did we sin? How can we be saved? Do we need anything to get saved? Is Jesus the way, the truth and the life?   Format: eBook Publisher:...

Changing Lives & Fulfilling Destinies® - Vol. 3

Read our Changing Lives & Fulfilling Destinies magazine which is full of great articles, devotionals and more.   Format: eMagazine Language: English Category: Lifestyle, Education

Magazine - Changing Lives & Fulfilling Destinies® Vol. 5

This magazine issue is full of encouraging articles for everyday life, including the importance of praying without ceasing and identifying the sources of jealousy. There are also powerful prayer points for an increase in our life, and insightful articles on the common tricks that the Devil uses and how to resist him.   Format: eMagazine Language: English Category: Lifestyle, Education...

Magazine Subscription

Changing Lives & Fulfilling Destinies® Magazine was created for anyone who needs a boost to persevere with life challenges and encouragement for their Christian Walk. Our magazine contains insightful articles, encouraging devotions, prayer points and much more content for the Believer to grow in the Lord. Receive 8 Issues per year. Format: eMagazineLanguage: English