Download Advice


How do I access My Download?

1) A link to your downloadable products is available in your order confirmation e-mail that follows completed payments.

2) Downloadable products are accessible after purchase in “My Account”. You will need to “Sign In” to your account on


What are the requirements to get my downloads?

 A Windows or Mac operating system has to be running on your computer.


How long does it take?

The time it takes to download your product to your computer may vary. It may not be necessary, but we recommend using a high speed Internet connection. An average song (5 MB) takes under a minute to download using a broadband connection (DSL, T1, ISDN, or cable modem).


Where on my computer can I find the download?

If you have downloaded your product but cannot locate it on your computer, it may have been saved to your default option ‘Downloads’ folder or another location (e.g., folder) that you have decided to save files to in the past.

You will have the ability to locate your download on your computer by searching by name for the files.

1) For Mac – Click on the magnifying glass at the top right of your display to look for the files.

2) For Windows – Use the search option on the “Start” button menu, situated in the bottom left of your display.

What can I do if my Mp3 Download plays on my Browser?

If your MP3 automatically plays on your internet browser, this can be resolved by:

1) Right-click the “Start Download” link

2) Choose “Save Target As…” or “Download Linked File As…” Then save the file to your own local computer.